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Longevity Technologies Based on Real Science and Developed by Real Scientists

Introducing Our Lead Product, YuuthTM – Repairing Cellular Imbalance to Restore Youthful Beauty

Ponce Therapeutics is using advanced technologies to develop novel therapeutics targeting the fundamental mechanisms of aging. Its lead programs, both senolytic and senomorphic in nature, utilize novel therapeutics discovered using our proprietary, state-of-the-art biotechnology platforms to restore the youthful balance of aged or “senescent” and young cells systemically and directly in the skin. This leads to a resetting of one’s biologic clock, turning back time on one’s body and skin to its former youthful exuberance.

Proprietary Platform

Targeting Senescent Cells for Secretory Modification or Elimination

Elimination of senescent cells or reduction of their pro-inflammatory secretory phenotype has been shown to suppress cancer and rejuvenate tissues.

Ponce Therapeutics Gene Therapy

Clinical Pipeline

Development of our lead programs targeting senescent cells in skin and throughout the body

PONCE’s lead programs, both senolytic and senomorphic, aim to restore a more youthful cellular balance throughout the body.

July 25, 2022 in K2 BioLabs, Ponce Therapeutics, Portfolio, Rapha Capital Management

Ponce Therapeutics Executes Worldwide Exclusive License to Speratum Biopharma’s Nano-in™ and No-Pass Mimic™ Nanoparticle Technologies in Anti-Aging and Other Products Initially for Skin

Ponce Therapeutic's ("Ponce") lead product, ReBeaut™, is a microneedle patch containing nanoparticles carrying its proprietary ApoptiCIDe™ cell elimination gene therapy technology targeting senescent keratinocytes and fibroblasts in the skin Speratum Biopharma ("Speratum")…
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June 14, 2021 in K2 BioLabs, Ponce Therapeutics, Portfolio, Rapha Capital Management

New Biotechnology Research Accelerator Launches in Houston

K2-BioLabs offers “big company” resources that accommodate “small company” budgets Rapha Portfolio Company PONCE Therapeutics, Inc. is an investor and the first tenant of K2 Bio Houston, TX, June 14,…
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