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Clinical Pipeline

  • Lead program, PT-001mn, to deliver p16-directed riCasp9 to keratinocytes in affected lesions using a proprietary skin-penetrating microneedle patch loaded with nanoparticles.
  • Two days after miniaturized DNA (e.g., “mini-circle”, “nanoplasmid”) application, following protein accumulation in senescent cells, rapamycin or rapamycin analog, temsirolimus at 10% of the immunosuppressant dose, will be administered on two consecutive days to activate riCasp9 in p16-expressing cells, triggering apoptotic elimination
  • For larger lesions or skin-damaged regions, sister compound, PT-001sp, may be delivered, comprising a senolytic compound-encoding DNA construct, using similar technology.
  • Using our DNA delivery technology, we will use gene engineering to treat aging-related disorders, such as AGA.