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Our Technology

  • Elimination of pro-inflammatory senescent cells, or down-regulation of their pro-inflammatory senescence-associated secretory phenotype (“SASP”) have both been shown to reverse the phenotypic effects of aging.
  • Two distinct senolytic approaches and one senomorphic approach are being pursued to eliminate senescent epithelial and mesenchymal cells, associated with pre-cancerous, aging-related lesions or reduce their negative inflammatory SASP:
  • Topical skin or systemic administration of a proprietary senolytic peptide, PTC-2101 (YuuthTM),  to directly reduce the burden of senescent cells in the skin and throughout the organs of the body.
  • Expression of a rimiducid-sensitive allele of the pro-apoptotic protein, Caspase-9 (ApoptiCIDeTM) targeted to senescent cells using our proprietary chimeric p16- and/or UPAR-based promoters, with administration of our proprietary rimiducid IM formulation, PTC-1102, to trigger their elimination as senolytic therapy.
  • Proprietary selective JAK2, JAK2/3 or JAK3/TYK2 tyrosine kinase inhibitors (“TKI”) applied topically as senomorphic therapy to severely UV-damaged skin to reverse the deleterious effects caused by the aging- and sun damage-related accumulation of senescent cells.